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Benefits of Green Buildings

What is Green Healthcare and Why?

The healthcare sector has come relatively late to environment thinking, but the rise of “green healthcare” is rapidly approaching. Green buildings can be defined in many ways. “green or sustainable building” is the practice of designing, constructing, operating, maintaining, buildings in ways that conserve natural resources and reduce long term ownership cost. DCLNiagaraMedicalCondo defines them as Medical, Wellness and Healthcare hubs where Sustainability and Green Tech all work harmoniously for the benefit of its users.

Environmental Benefits

Green buildings by design use less water, energy and natural resources to operate thereby have a positive impact on the environment by reducing their carbon footprint.

Economic Benefits

The economic or financial benefits or Green Buildings like cost savings on utility bills due to efficiency is obvious but higher property value for these buildings as well as lower operating costs are also key benefits to ownership.

Social Benefits

Green building benefits go well beyond economics and the environment and have been shown to bring positive social impacts to communities. Most of these benefits are around the health and wellbeing of people who work in these green offices.

7000 Montrose Road, Niagara Falls, ON Canada

4 Floors of dedicated Wellness and Healing within a Green Sustainable advanced medical facility in the heart of Niagara Falls

“We couldn’t be more on board with DCL Healthcare Properties Inc.’s vision for their latest project. It fits right in with critical initiatives in the City of Niagara Falls, including sustainability, greening and building a SMART city, not to mention the major economic boost this provides to development, jobs and growth. This DCL project is not just growth, it’s smart growth, paired with meeting a need for the highest quality healthcare ameneties in Niagara Falls. Congratulations to DCL on creating this state-of-the-art facility right here!

Jim Diodati

Mayor, City of Niagara Falls
Frank Deluca

DLC Healthcare Properties Inc.

is a blend of commercial real eastate development firm, protech and wellness advocate focused on a re-engineering the healthcare experience from an environment standpoint.

Utilizing world class engineering and technology partners and seamlessly integrating them into green sustainable medical healthcare space.

DCL’s vision and inspiration has its genesis in the founder, Frank Deluca’s own experiences and observation of how this critical and vital sector has been primarily overlooked when it comes to sustainability.

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Inspired By Innovation Delivered By Integration

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